Teaching children how to read can sometimes be a difficult task. Well, I’ve created this website with one goal in mind. To help you!


Hi, my name is Aaron. I’m a stay-at-home father of four kids.

Let me take a moment to take a deep breath… ok.

I never knew there was so much work involved raising kids! I’ve grown to really appreciate what my wife went through when our roles were reversed. She has picked up full-time work while I stay-at-home trying to start my own business working from home.

I’ve now been doing this for over a year, since 2016, and it has not been easy! Think of the daunting laundry, trying to keep up, and then there is the swapping out summer for winter clothes and vice-versa each year!

However, the purpose of this blog is not to talk about all the work involved as a stay-at-home parent but try to help educate you in successfully completing one of those tasks…

The task of teaching children how to read!

If your kids already know how to read, then maybe the suggestions I share will help you help others or you could simply recommend them to this blog. I also have a Facebook page you could share with them.

Okay, so if you are ready to learn, start with the blog. If you’d like to make comments or respond to them, head on over to my Facebook page. It will be easier if I only have one place to keep track of comments. Also, I request that you do not post any inappropriate material, including anything unrelated to teaching children how to read. So, please consider this when making comments.

I can’t guarantee I’ll respond to everyone’s comments, but feel free to help each other out.




Thank you for your visit!

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